Cascade Ice

Close to Home. Far Flung Odds. Endless Adventure.

An Alpine Enigma

The majestic Cascade Mountains Range is known for many things - rugged peaks, sprawling glaciers, and beautiful forests - but one thing it is not known for is ice climbing. Its maritime climate, poor winter access, and lack of up-to-date conditions all contribute to the challenges of ice climbing in the Cascades. The rational Cascade Climber swaps their tools for skis. But the hopeful climber pulls out a map, monitors conditions, and sharpens their tools: the hunt is on.

For the rugged, patient alpinist willing to brave the wet, the brush, the mystery, and the disappointment of failure, Cascade ice climbing can prove rewarding like no other experience. Buried in the internet archives and local lore lies a treasure trove of adventurous alpine ice climbs. This guide aims to demystify many of these climbs - which are not as remote or impossible as they may seem. Browse, research, dream, train, and send!

The Modern Guidebook

Technology is changing. Climbing is evolving. Guidebooks should too.

View observations submitted by other climbers.
Get detailed descriptions and beta for 10+ routes.
Browse a map with established routes.
Submit observations to help other climbers.

What's New

  • Eight new climbs
  • Browsing routes
  • Caltopo maps imbedded in approach description
  • Route topos
  • Map with pins marking routes

What's Coming

  • More routes!
  • Submit condition reports / beta photos from the field
  • Visualize crowd sourced data on map

Can I Contribute?

It takes a community to put together a guide like this. If you have route beta, photos, or stories please email to help out. We are always looking for more routes to include, so please send them our way!

If you would like to contribute to development, please email Our code is open source on



Ice climbing is a very dangerous activity. There are many hazards, including but not limited to exposure to the elements, falling, and avalanches. This information is based on limited field observations and by no means should be taken as truth. You acknowledge that partaking in the activities described here could result in injury or death. You assume all risks for the related activities. This guide assumes no responsibility for accidents or losses resulting from these activities. This guide is not a replacement for professional training. One should seek professional advice or guidance before climbing these routes.